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Terms & Condition


Payment Terms

Billing procedure for project development shown as below:

. 50% deposit payment upon project confirmation.

. 50% final payment upon completed project.

. Copywriting and translation services will incur additional charges.

. Cheque shall be cross & make payable to IFDESIGN TECHNOLOGY (CIMB Bank: 1290 0001 6450 53)

. Kindly provide us purchase order to arrange and proceed project development work.



Pricing & Change Requests

Prices are strictly based on work as specifically listed within quotation description. Changes requested for modification on the quoted specification will affect any deliverables after the confirmation may incur additional charges.




Any cancellation of confirmed order shall be communicate to Ifdesign Technology in writting. Any monies already paid to Ifdesign Technology shall not be refundable while any amounts due and payable to Ifdesign Technology at the time of cancellation for services already rendered or goods delivery shall be paid immediately to Ifdesign Technology.